Solid-state batteries that
can be deployed today.

Solid-state batteries are the key to electrifying the automotive, aviation, and other mobility industries. By reducing or eliminating the flammable, performance-inhibiting liquid electrolyte present in today’s state-of-the-art batteries, SSBs eliminate EVs fire safety risks while also improving their range and charging speed. The problem: current solid-state battery solutions don’t scale.

Our world needs SSBs in massive quantities, and we need them now. With the world’s foremost battery materials scientists on our team, we’re creating innovative new materials to bring these batteries to market faster, and in a sustainable, scalable way that leverages today’s battery manufacturing infrastructure.

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Best & brightest

Natrion’s team is comprised of leading experts in materials science, battery technology, process scale-up and automation, machine learning, and cloud computing.

World-class facilities

Natrion has R&D facilities at both its Binghamton, NY and Champaign, IL locations, with the specialized capability to conduct integrated end-to-end development from molecules to battery cells.

Powerful partners

Our backers, collaborators, and investors are at the cutting edge of automotive, energy, defense, and more.

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Alex Kosyakov

Cofounder & CEO

Thomas Rouffiac

Cofounder & COO


Dr. Duke Shih

Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Dah-Shyang Tsai

Chief Battery Scientist

Dr. Krishna Iyer

Director of Process Engineering


Dr. Soheil Malekpour

Senior Battery Engineer

Bruce Kraay

Lead Cell Engineer

Stephan Todorovic

Chief Data Scientist

Madhurima Mahajan

Material Informatics Engineer

Gavin Depew

Laboratory Manager

Dillon Grant

Process Automation Engineer

Jake McFarland

Operations Manager

Connor Kniaz

Research Chemist

Brisa McGrath

Materials Engineer

Mathew Jester

Research Analyst

Hongwen Xiao

Research Assistant

Hank Liu

Research Assistant

Tiffany Liu

Research Assistant

Muhammad Awan

Research Assistant

Viraj Kapur

Research Assistant

Kaveen Sandagiripathira

Research Analyst


Dr. Jon Tuck

Intellectual Property Advisor

Alex Gorsuch

Defense Use Cases Advisor

dr. Noah Isserman

Business Operations Advisor

Hannah Golden

Public Relations Advisor

Dr. Michele Vittadello

R&D Collaborator/Mentor

Dennis Lockhart

Manufacturing Scale-Up Advisor