Battery components built for the future, compatible with today.

Our materials deliver unparalleled performance without compromising scalability or universality.



Ceramic-polymer composite solid-state electrolyte

Our lithium solid ionic composite (LISIC) takes the best of both worlds by combining ceramic and polymer together to create a highly flexible, liquid-free membrane. Capable of Z-folds and roll-to-roll processing.
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Maximizing energy density and savings


Cost-efficient lithium-metal anode

X-12 uses a specially engineered substrate that reduces costs while increasing performance. Especially when used in combination with M3 and LISIC, X-12 helps extract higher efficiency from cells, no stack pressure required.
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Enabling high performance at ambient conditions


Non-flammable, non-carbonate liquid wetting agent

Complementing LISIC and X-12, M3 can be deployed as a wetting agent to form a robust solid electrolyte interphase (SEI) on Li-metal with high adhesion to LISIC. It can also be used as a liquid catholyte.
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Sustainable local EV battery production

Na-ion battery materials

Enabling battery manufacturing anywhere on Earth

Sodium is thousands of times more abundant than lithium and can be found everywhere. Natrion’s sodium-ion battery technologies offer competitive performance to state-of-the-art Li-ion batteries while being significantly more cost efficient and producible locally anywhere in the world.
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Where it matters

See where Natrion's products are moving the needle


Fast-charging, long-range EVs
No more range anxiety. Peace of mind comes standard with fireproof, fast-charging components that make every EV a long-range powerhouse.


Rugged, reliable battery packs
Natrion provides enhanced energy storage endurance and dependability for warfighters, supporting the expeditionary capability of America’s armed forces and ensuring readiness for future battlefields.

Consumer Electronics

Higher quality power for all of our devices
Natrion offers unparalleled freedom for device design and innovation by minimizing operational condition requirements while enhancing recyclability and sustainability, promoting environmentally conscious technology.


Electrifying motion in the Z-direction
From unmanned systems to EVTOLs and beyond, Natrion’s high-performance energy storage solutions meet diverse demands. Its components can even propel missions into low-Earth orbit, showcasing versatility and reliability.