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Natrion is a leader in developing high-performance solid-state rechargeable lithium and sodium batteries for electric vehicle, portable electronics, aerospace, and defense applications. Natrion was started in 2018 and now has over 20 staff across two locations:one in the University of Illinois Research Park in Champaign, IL and another in Binghamton, NY.
Natrion’s patented technologies have attracted customers like 3 of the 15 largest global automakers and 4 of the 15 largest consumer electronics companies. Natrion is growing rapidly and will significantly expand manufacturing in 2024.

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At Natrion we focus on developing battery technologies that can push the capabilities of electric vehicles (EVs) by solving the biggest issues being faced by our automaker and battery manufacturer customers. Our mission is to service the industry with solutions that will enhance the mainstream market viability of electric vehicles and advance the world closer towards a future of clean mobility.

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