June 28, 2022

EV Battery Component Pioneer Natrion Unveils Pouch Cells

(Champaign, Illinois) June 28, 2022Natrion, a leader in solid state electric vehicle battery technology, today unveiled its first ever solid state pouch cell prototypes as it continues to develop market-leading technology. Marking a new chapter in Natrion’s journey, the company can now provide its prototypes to others in the industry to demonstrate its superior performance and safety and further its progress towards bringing their patented, proprietary solutions to the market.  

In 2021, Natrion proved out its superior energy density and durability in its initial results with small-scale cells. Now, the company is on track to deliver similarly powerful results for its larger pouch cells — a technological feat that, if achieved, would represent a monumental advancement in the EV battery industry.

Natrion’s prototypes are being developed in its own in-house facility in Champaign, Illinois, one of only few such facilities in the state. Natrion now has the capability to produce multilayer pouch cells up to 4Ah in size.

Natrion intends to focus its pouch cell development work on using lithium-metal anode with the company’s LISIC solid-state electrolyte technology. With the pouch cells now in production, Natrion will begin providing samples to its prospective industry partners for analysis as it continues those engagements.  

The announcement comes on the heels of the company’s major fundraising milestone in which it announced it has raised $2 million in seed funding from investors including Mark Cuban. With the funding, Natrion will continue building out its R&D, facilities and market-leading products.